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Organizational Culture & Values:

In core, Professionalism, Respect, Honesty, Quality & Caring are our corporate values at Karim Zarin Advertising Company. Yet, in depth, the uncompromising firm values that define Karim Zarin Advertising Company as a unique business culture are enlisted bellow:

Services: our services effects the way we expand our business, based on our comprehensive studies of the market we have defined our scope of services in a fully consistent quality to fully meet the expectations of our clients & beyond that.

Excellence: We believe in perfectionism as a right tool to expand our activities, that definition of excellence in our company is not scattered in a single level, thus, every individual working in our firm has a unified understanding of it.

Social Responsibility: We recognize our responsibility to give back to the communities we operate. we dedicate a percentage of our net profit to the community development organizations, community groups & non-profit entities.

Trained & Diverse Work Pool: We are committed for sponsoring educational programs for our employees. The goal is to increase the ability of all firm members to specialize, communicate, resolve conflicts & solve problems in a culturally diverse environment.

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